The Onion Knights

The Onion Knights 2.0.12

Pits the Curry Empire against your Onion Kingdom

Indulge in some humor as well as stellar game play with the Android OS game, The Onion Knights. The food themed game with their greatest heroes: the Onion Knights. Guard your castle against swarms of enemies using castle cannons and a unique blend of custom heroes. As you play through the stage levels, gain access to different heroes with varying skills. Venture further into the game, and you'll be able to upgrade your favorite heroes, making them even more powerful and adding more skills to their roster of abilities that will aid you in battle.

Here are some of the highlights from the Onion Knights:

  • Play through 160 different stages in single player mode, earning new Heroes to use in future battles and upgrade materials to upgrade existing heroes.
  • Earn puzzle pieces after completing a stage to build complete stunning artwork.
  • Other game modes include Extreme Mode, Daily Dungeons and Combo Dungeons, each with different objectives and rewards. Gain rank on the global leader board by achieving victory!
  • Varied enemies and challenging stages keep the game new and fresh through all 160 stages! See the epic story unfold as you work through the stages in the story, laugh at the humor of the writing before testing your mettle against the challenges set before you.
  • Co operative play allows you to play with players from all around the world. Team up with friends or strangers in order to defend the Onion Kingdom from the conquering Curry Empire.
  • Onion Knights is a tower defense game playable on Android smartphone and tablet with some heart and lots of humor, not to mention heroes to collect and upgrade and swarms of enemies to surpass. Defend the Onion Kingdom and take your place as a great defender of the land as a powerful Onion Knight!

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    The Onion Knights


    The Onion Knights 2.0.12

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